Видео: Dragon's Prophet - Deyarka solo

Dragon's Prophet - Sorthina solo

Sorthina plants + boss enjoy xD Time left, plants 2:30 boss 3:52.

Dragon's Prophet - Omati solo

Boss reset at the end (I cut this part) I take no credit for these songs.

Dragon's Prophet RG run solo

here is the my old rg run with fails :D Fastest solo 12 mins :3.

Dragon's Prophet: Asuma's Mirage Solo Ranger

Enjoy ^^ and don't forget to watch in HD I do not own any rights to the music in the video ^^

Dragons Prophet: How to bug Deyarka Last Boss

How to bug Deyarka. Enjoy it :-) #ImOutBye.

[Dragon's Prophet] Deyarkagefängnis - Goldnebel

Endlich mal nen ordentliches Video hinbekommen. Einer der Goldnebel-Spawns nach dem Endboss-Kill im Deyarka-Gefängnis.

Dragon's Prophet Sorthina Solo Guardian

Watch the strongest Guardian that ever existed in the Game doing end game Instances.

Dragon's Prophet: Gods of Deyarka Bastille

DUO DEYARKA RUN!!!! Deyarka Loot 2/10 ;) Dragon's Prophet's hardest full-time 10 man scaled raid dungeon to this day...

Dragon's Prophet - How To Solo Omati Gorge

Enjoy! :D http://incognito-gaming.com/

[Dragon's Prophet] Mt. Sorthina (Ranger/Solo)

So, I've decided to finally capture moments of online gaming. Though, I'd like to point out that this is more of a test. Cheers!

Dragon's Prophet Upgrade do meu Sorcerer, OP Guild Volans

Mmorpg top ai galera, sorcerer ja ta op.

Dragon's Prophet - Dunar Temple solo - 0 deaths

No Bloody, I'm not quitting ranger.

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