Видео: Star Control 3 - Zor-Ath on the Kohr-Ah

Star Control 3 - Star Control I + II vs. Star Control 3 (Hyper-Melee)

The Hierarchy. The Alliance. The neutrals. And, the new guys. Who will prevail in this, a battle of generations? Watch and find out!

Let's Play Star Control 3 - Part 32: Finale

We defeat the eternal ones with the power of friendship. or something.

Star Control 3 Bad Ending

What happens when you take too long to fill the sentience silo.

Star Control 3 - The Mycon Trip Out a Bit

Ha, got some of the Precursor dialogue this time! It bugs me how the Mycon actually respond to you in SC3. They seem more lucid ...

Star Control 3 - The Xchaggers

Actually that Ortog in the beginning is a Precursor in disguise. SPOILERS! They REALLY needed to lay off the Precursors in SC3.

Star Control 3 - The Orz Betrayal

coming as a surprise to absolutely no one. melee has been trimmed so as not to bore you to death.

Star Control 3 - Ploxis

The Ploxis were an interesting new race, essentially an allegory for late-stage capitalism.

Star Control 3 - The Chmmr

Nice puppet. I'm used to this voice now, but I can see how it can annoy some people. This is one of the closer matches to how a ...

Star Control 3 - The Pkunk Lose It

I'm sorry if the audio on this is a bit off, it recorded weird or something. Very frustrating. I hope it isn't too annoying. This was an ...

Star Control 3 - The Kohr-Ah

Well, not really. Just Kzer-Za who take up the Kohr-Ah doctrine over the course of the game. I honestly don't remember why.

Star Control 3 gameplay (PC Game, 1996)

Introduction and gameplay for Star Control 3, Dos PC game produced by Accolade in 1996 ...

Star Control 3 - The Heralds

final race. you can imagine how underwhelmed me and my brother were when we saw these guys as kids. Also my god the melee ...

Star Control 3 - The Deep Child

This was lame, Starcon3. I'm sorry, it was.

Star Control 3 - The Orz

I like how the words are done here, and really, considering what an Orz looked like in SC2, this is a good puppet. The writing is ...

Star Control 3 - The Heralds Part 2

i like how everyone starts throwing around the phrase sentience silo like it was ever used before this point. way to go guys.

Прохождение Star Control 2 The Ur Quan Masters HD Часть 16 - СМЕРТЕЛЬНАЯ ОШИБКА АДМИРАЛА ЗЕКСА

Прохождение культовой за рубежом игры под названием Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters. В России игра не имеет ...

Star Control 3 - The Yorn's Dark Secret

I SUSPECTED AS MUCH, BUT I NEVER KNEW FOR SURE :O So yeah, vore. uh. But aside from that, I didn't know there was ...

The Urquan Masters - Urquan Kzer-Za -- "The Words"

The Urquan Masters - Urquan Kzer-Za- "The Words" Cropped version of the first meeting with the Urquan Kzer-Za when you know ...

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